As part of our continuing effort to keep members informed on matters related to the Zika virus, CHTA has created this Zika Resource Center where we will consolidate information and links to resources in support of essential efforts around:

  • Mitigation - using all possible proven pest control methods; and containing the spread of the virus
  • Education and Public Awareness – directed at visitors and prospective visitors; hotels and tourism-related businesses; managers, supervisors, and employees; tourism industry public sector stakeholders; and the general resident population
  • Coordination of Efforts and Resources – regionally and locally; with Government; with surrounding communities


Webinar No.2
Taking the Bite Out of Zika: Practicing Effective Mosquito Controls

What the Webinar Covers:

  • The Facts About Zika: Zika Defined, Transmission, Impact to Date, Anticipated Impact.
  • Mitigation and Control Best Practices: About the Aedes Mosquito, Fogging and Misting, Eliminating Breeding Grounds, Good Groundskeeping Practices, Repellants, Other Control Measures, Dressing for Protection, Institutionalizing Procedures and Practices.
  • Education and Public Relations: Employee Awareness and Training, Communications with Guests and Potential Guests, Public Awareness About Zika Preventative Measures, Media and Public Awareness Approaches.
  • Coordination and Collaboration: Engagement with the Community Surrounding Your Property, Community Clean-Up Campaigns, Working with National Hotel and Tourism Associations, Ministries/Boards of Tourism, Health Departments/Ministries and Regional Organizations (CARPHA, CTO, CHTA).


  • Frank Comito, CEO, CHTA
  • Adelle Garbutt, Calabash Resort
  • Denaye Hinds, OBM International and CHTA CAST Director
  • Johnson Johnrose, Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • Christopher Lubin, FDL Pest Control Solutions, St. Lucia
  • Raoul Persaud, Univar
  • Dr. Karen Polson-Edwards, Medical Entomologist, CARPHA
  • Karolin Troubetzkoy, President, CHTA


Resources Spanish:

Webinar No.1
The Facts About Zika and How to Mitigate It’s Impact

This webinar is presented by presented by the CHTA and CTO in collaboration with CARPHA. It will provide information on Zika (ZIKV) virus prevention and control measures for travelers coming to the Caribbean and for the hospitality stakeholders in the Caribbean to mitigate its impact. This information is based on currently available scientific evidence and has been adapted and prepared for the Caribbean situation.




These statements can assist hotels, NHTAs, Tourism Boards and others with their local communications.

CTO/CHTA Joint Statements

CARPHA Zika Media Conference Statements and Support Information - January 2016



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