Become a CHTA member and secure your position at the forefront of the Caribbean hospitality industry. As a member of an industry bent on continued growth and improvement, CHTA membership entitles you to the tools and resources you need to build a competitive advantage in our rapidly changing marketplace. Choose from the membership categories below and find out all the exclusive benefits waiting for you.

Types of Memberships

Hotel, Villa & Condo/Timeshare Membership
CHTA understands that operating a hotel, a villa or a condo/timeshare property is about far more than a comfortable night's sleep for your guests. It is about Business Management, Advocacy and Marketing within multi-intra islands as well as International. Our association is about what happens behind the scenes - what will make your establishment run smoother, be more cost-effective, and grow your profits. CHTA members have inside access to the key players and resources that drive the lodging industry, and benefit from a network of likeminded executives. While we encourage the primary contact to be the general manager or property owner, our host of benefits transcends marketing, human resources, sales, food & beverage, and other departments. For this reason, we entitle the primary member to appoint other internal associates to also receive the full benefits of CHTA membership. This means that for one price, individuals can take advantage of all the events, educational resources, and communications we offer. Discounts are offered only to CHTA card members.

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Hotel, Villa Condo/Timeshare Membership Form
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Allied Membership

For organizations that do or want to do business in the Caribbean Allied Members are organizations with a vested interest in the Hotel and Tourism industry, who use CHTA as a platform to grow their industry knowledge, while networking and conducting business with other members. Primarily comprised of key decision makers in the Caribbean industry, our hotel, villa and condo/timeshare members have the power to sign your dotted line, and we take strides to make our Allied Members visible to this community. If this audience comprises any part of your consumer base, you can't afford not to join CHTA.

Raise your visibility with:

  • A free listing in our online directory
  • Sponsorship opportunities, amenable to any budget
  • Promote your business by sending promotions directly to the CHTA hotel, villa, condo/timeshare members

Allied Membership
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