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The Caribbean tourism industry is the most important economic activity and principal foreign exchange earner for the region. It is an effective tool to fight poverty and should be harnessed to better the lives of the region's poorer communities. But there is still a need to increase the awareness of the Caribbean people of the importance of this industry to the economic and social wellbeing of the region. Likewise, many Caribbean Governments have yet to recognize the industry's importance and develop policies that foster its sustainable development.

The CHTA believes that the media can contribute significantly to highlight the positive impacts of tourism and therefore help shape public opinion and policy. With the double aim of facilitating travel and tourism reporting as a benefit to CHTA members - and fostering excellence in tourism reporting in the Caribbean in order to raise regional awareness about the impact of tourism - CHTA is committed to open and mutual lines of communication with the regional and international press. With that in mind, we seek to maintain the media abreast of CHTA efforts on an ongoing basis.

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For general queries and interview requests with a CHTA officer, contact Richard Kahn, public relations representative for CHTA.

Press queries and media leads
CHTA facilitates requests for information from the members of the press. A journalist seeking information from Caribbean hotels and/or Caribbean hotel associations should contact Richard Kahn, public relations representative for CHTA.

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