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Introduction to the CHTA's EPA Handbook for the Tourism Sector
The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was formally signed in October 2008 by the European and CARIFORUM member states. It represents the most significant change in trading relations between the EU and the Caribbean since the creation of the LomÈ Convention in the 1970's.

Much has been written about the EPA, but to date little detailed information has been published about the practical effects of the agreement on individual industries. This handbook sets out in clear language how the agreement will affect hoteliers and tourism providers in the Caribbean both in terms of positive and negative impacts.

Throughout the negotiations, the Caribbean tourism industry was extremely proactive in working with Caribbean Governments to ensure that the EPA recognises the importance of the Caribbean tourism industry to the regionís future development and set in place special measures to protect and support it. As such, there are specific Annexes and clauses in the EPA which provide special guarantees and development cooperation support for the regionís premier industry.

The EPA therefore offers significant opportunities to the Caribbean tourism industry over the next decade and it is vital that the industry takes full advantage of the commitments made by the EU. These are set out in detail over the chapters of this handbook.

The EPA may also generate some new competitive threats to the industry from European hotel and other tourism providers but on the whole tourism services remain carefully regulated by the Agreement. This handbook sets out the measures of protection which are included in the EPA and explains how Caribbean tourism industry stakeholders

CHTA Monthly News
The CHTA Monthly News is a topical bulletin distributed by email to all CHTA members once a month. It contains the most recent news and information on the tourism industry, the region, and CHTA.  In the Members' Corner section, allied and hotel members have a vehicle to announce their news with their fellow CHTA members-appointments, special deals, best practices. Past issues are available on this website.

Construction and Modernization Report Now in electronic format, the Hotel Construction and Modernization Report provides information on hotel developments in CHTA member countries: proposed constructions, refurbishments and expansions. Updated regularly, the Report is switching to a new management system, to offer members an enhanced database with current information. Contact to request a link to the report.

Caribbean Small Hotels Reference Manual
The Caribbean Small Hotels Reference Manual was written and edited by experienced small hotel operators and other industry stakeholders. It is a basic, hands-on, and practical guide to housekeeping, food & beverage, marketing, purchasing, and other essential elements involved in the effective management of a small property in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Preparedness Manual
The Hurricane Preparedness Manual was produced in conjunction with CTO, largely through donations from American Express and IH&RA's Fund for the Future. The manual covers preparedness and damage control, readiness during the passing of a hurricane, and post-disaster mitigation and recovery. Sent automatically to all new CHTA hotel members, it offers advice on guest and property safety and security, insurance coverage, and disaster communications. Due to the Caribbean's vulnerability to hurricanes, the Hurricane Preparedness Manual is an essential publication. Available for downloading in the members-only section.

Annual Report
The Annual Report offers a record of the activity and progress of CHTA's programs and services. It presents the achievements and results of CHTA standing committees and divisions, projects in progress, and future goals, as well as general financial statements of the organization. Electronic version available in the members-only section.


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