Sixty percent of the hotels within the CHTA membership are "small" hotels (75 rooms or less), which indicates the importance of the economic vitality of these enterprises to the well being of the region. Here are some additional reasons for a small hotel to join CHTA!

The Small Hotel Operators Reference Manual was written by experienced small hotel operators. This manual is a basic, hands-on practical guide to housekeeping, food and beverage, marketing, purchasing and other essential elements involved in the effective management of a small property in the Caribbean. The CHTA publication is provided at no cost by downloading the report here. The manual is also available in a Spanish version.

Small Hotels Retreat: The Small Hotels Retreat and Trade Show is an event designed by small hoteliers for small hoteliers, focusing on marketing skills, technology, and human resource development. Seminars and round table discussions cover different aspects of those critical areas. In addition, allied members who specialize in serving smaller hospitality operations demonstrate their products and services at the trade show. This event is informal and casual conference by design, to foster the open exchange of ideas and concerns, both during the round table discussions and the social events.

Environmental Performance & Leadership (PLP)
The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism offers you:

  • Cost Savings - through more efficient energy, water, and solid waste management;
  • Increased Environmental Awareness - as guests and staff respond positively to the program and the hotel's efforts;
  • Added Public Relations Impact - generated by news and features released to the international media;
  • Increased Marketing Power - through recognition of proactive stance by tour operators in their publications;
  • International Affiliations - such as direct membership in GREEN GLOBE and IHEI;
  • Training Seminars and Workshops - on key environmental management - free or at reduced rates;
  • Collateral Materials - including videos, training manuals, and other products at reduced CHTA-member prices;
  • Professional Support Services - provided on preferential terms by "green" suppliers and consultants.

Why do I need PLP?
North American and European visitors will pay extra for unique vacation experiences at unspoilt destinations. Tour operators will soon be reinforcing their demands for the softer values in destinations: i.e. their "distinctiveness, authenticity and character". Many hotels are already reaping the benefits of their business. So can you! A program designed to elevate and celebrate your property's environmental & social performance!

How does PLP work?
PLP is flexible and suited to your needs. Depending upon your property's record of achievement, you can enroll in the program at any of the 3 specified levels: awareness, performance and leadership. You have two years to perform! To get to successively higher PLP levels you will need to plan for and progress through a structured process of staff training and business process development, monitored by CAST. You have the option of relying on your own in-house capabilities or hiring the specialists to assist you.


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